RightScale and New Relic integrate for High Speed Rails Apps in the Cloud

rightscale_logo_blueCloud computing is growing fast, and especially in the Rails community. So many of our customers now use hosting services that allow an application to instantly add as much infrastructure as it needs to handle significant variance in throughput. Many New Relic RPM customers saw just such a need as e-commerce purchases ramped dramatically during the recent holiday season. But how do you handle automatically spinning up application instances as load increases? And how do you maintain your Rails infrastructure once your app is running in the cloud?

Fortunately for all of us, there is RightScale. RightScale is the leader in Cloud Management, combining automated system management, pre-packaged and re-usable components, service expertise and best practices to make the Cloud experience the smooth and cost effective for applications running on cloud providers such as EC2, Rackspace, GoGrid, and more. They have an extremely popular solution and a large customer base, many of whom are Rails customers. What’s more, like New Relic, they have a FREE Developer Edition of their product to get you started. We think RightScale and New Relic make a perfect combination for keeping your Rails apps humming in the cloud.

And so, we are extremely happy to announce today that New Relic and RightScale have integrated our products to create a powerful and seamless way to manage your Rails apps in the cloud.

You can read the full press announcement here

You can find more out about the integration here

Now, New Relic and RightScale customers can see New Relic data from within the RightScale console. What’s more, whenever RightScale spins up a new mongrel, the newest version of our plug-in spins up with it. You have completely automated your Rails application management!

Hear what Thorsten von Eicken, the CTO of RightScale, had to say about the integration with New Relic here.

Here is a screenshot of the integrated solution. The solution lets you use your RightScale user ID to automatically create a free RPM Lite account. Then, whenever you click on any of the New Relic Dashboard data (see screenshot below) you will be taken directly to your New Relic RPM account for deeper drill down information. You can also manage your New Relic credentials and create a New Relic RPM Lite account directly from the same interface.

RightScale Integration

New Relic customers (and everyone else for that matter) who are not already RightScale customers can sign up for the Free Developer Edition here.

If you aren’t already a New Relic customer, but want to try the integration with RightScale for free, sign up for RPM Lite (free) here.

This is just the first step in working together with our friends at RightScale, and I’m sure you agree it’s an exciting one. Keep your eyes peeled for even more to come from RightScale and New Relic!


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