Real User Monitoring Has Arrived!

New Relic now has Real User Monitoring.

Today we announced the release of Real User Monitoring, or RUM, as part of our SaaS application performance management offering. RUM is fully integrated, offering a complete view in a single user interface that is easy to understand and use.  Now, New Relic is the all-in-one web performance analytics product that allows businesses to manage and monitor web application performance from the browser to the line of code.

What does it Do?

Real User Monitoring measures key front-end metrics from an app’s end-user’s browser.  With this new capability, New Relic users can now see browser response times by geographical location of the user, as well as by browser type (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc).  You can find out more about it on our main website here or get the technical details here.

Fantastic early feedback from our beta users

Real User Monitoring has been a labor of love from our developer team for quite some time now.  A few weeks back, we opened it up to a private beta. We were honored and thrilled to have them participate in this short video montage:

More fantastic quotes:

“Web app builders and owners care about their user’s experience. The fact is, speed matters. Seeing exactly what real users are experiencing in a web app or web site provides tremendous value for both platform providers and their customers.  New Relic lets any company gain critical visibility into web performance with immediate time to value.”

Dries Buytaert, Co-creator Drupal, CTO Acquia

“For a company providing a cloud-based SaaS service like Zendesk, performance is critical. We have over 700,000 ticket interactions per day, so we can’t have our customers feel like the application is slow. If our users aren’t happy, we’re out of business. Our engineers love New Relic, and real-user monitoring is a break through technology. We think of it like Google Analytics, but with a whole application performance picture that we can’t get otherwise.”

Zack Urlocker, COO,Zendesk


“It is very hard to predict how users will actually use your application. When you create and release a new feature, its almost impossible to know which use case will be the most popular. Real user monitoring from New Relic allows our developers to focus on the features that our users actually use. By doing so, we get faster and more agile as a company.”

David Ting, VP of Engineering, IGN Entertainment


“With the addition of Real User Monitoring as a core capability of their solution, New Relic has taken a pivotal next step in the evolution of its on demand web application performance management service. As more and more organizations migrate to the cloud, providing deep visibility into applications and real user experiences becomes highly critical. The advantage of having an integrated offering that combines these capabilities can provide enormous value to development and operations teams, as well as the platform providers who all have a stake in app performance and end-user satisfaction.”

Rona Shuchat, program director, application outsourcing services, IDC

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Get Started with New Relic’s Real User Monitoring today

Real User Monitoring

Ready to let Real User Monitoring start working for you? There is no long, tedious, painful installation process.  If you’re an existing customer, all you need to upgrade your agent to the latest release.  If you’re a new user, just sign up and set up the agent in your app and it will work right away.  It’s quick and painless and in no time you’ll be able to see exactly how your users are using your app, not synthetically.     Now with a few clicks you can see which browsers run the slowest with your app or how slow internet speeds are for your customers around the world.  It’s only the tip of the iceberg.'

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