REA Group logoLooking to buy real estate in Australia? Chances are good you would rely on REA Group for help zeroing in on the perfect property.

REA Group is the major property portal in Australia, operating Australia’s leading residential and commercial property websites: and The company also runs a number of online properties selling real estate around the world, including Europe, Asia, and the United States.

colin panisset, REA GroupAccording to Global Infrastructure Lead Colin Panisset, the company recognizes that what it’s really good at is building services to make people’s real estate journey “simple, efficient, and stress-free.” But, says Colin, “We are not great at building tools for monitoring application performance … so we’re very happy to lean on the expertise of others who are focused on that and make that their mission.”

REA Group’s search for a software analytics solution quickly led it to New Relic. “After deploying New Relic into the main application for our site, we started seeing results straight away,” says Colin. Because of this, the company soon decided to adopt the full New Relic Software Analytics Cloud.

Colin credits New Relic with helping REA Group make dramatic leaps in efficiency and innovation. “It’s a very different company since I started five years ago and New Relic has been a big part of that journey,” he says. “The ability to try things rapidly, fail fast, and see where things are going wrong and why has enabled us to pivot rapidly when necessary.”

To learn more about how REA Group uses New Relic to stay on top of the fast-moving property search market, watch the video below:


Read the full REA Group customer case study.


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