Rails3 BugMash RPM Gold Winner is WMNF Radio

WMNF is a community radio station in Tampa, Florida (and available online at www.WMNF.org.) Community radio is commercial-free and listener supported, which pretty much means they are always in need of financial help. WMNF plays eclectic music — jazz, blues, rock, polka, bluegrass, and lots else — and independent, progressive news and public affairs programming.

Matt Cowley is a part-time staffer at WMNF and is a Rails developer. As Matt says “I’m half-time staff at WMNF as the web manager, and built their site using Ruby on Rails. I’m also a freelance developer. My lame coding blog is at http://www.madcowley.com/madcode.”

Matt took part in the RailsBridge Rails3 BugMash a couple weeks ago.  RailsBridge is a project put together by  Mike Gunderloy, Dana Jones, Sarah Mei, Sarah Allen, Michael Breen, Eric Davis, and Sam Elliott to foster and support a sense of community with Rails. The BugMash was in support of Rails3, the major release of Rails in beta and due for GA any day now.

To support the BugMash effort, New Relic offered a prize of one year of RPM Gold for one of the participants chosen at random by RailsBridge. The lucky winner was Matt Cowley and he has donated the prize to WMNF. Great gesture Matt and congratulations to WMNF Radio. Rock on!

Twitter addresses are @wmnf and @madcowley.


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