We Love Developers: Special Rackspace & New Relic Developer Discount!

DevicesYou develop apps and are not easily impressed. You get the Cloud as others are still coming up to speed on its advantages, and why it just isn’t a trend in computing.  You embrace SaaS, because you say to yourself daily, ‘why buy on premise’ software? Come on New Relic and Rackspace, ‘impress me’ you say to yourself, ‘what are you doing for me these days?’

New Relic this week will impress you at FutureStack with cutting edge technology to make your development, testing and deployment of web and mobile apps a breeze with some pretty cool unprecedented access to big data.

For those of you who have been to Rackspace HQ in San Antonio, as many times as I have, you appreciate and understand that Fanatical Support is a lifestyle and is the cornerstone to being a successful “Racker”. That said, the Rackspace Cloud is also one of the largest public cloud offerings in the world too. We talk often about public, private and now hybrid Clouds in our industry. Rackspace offers all three of these services and backs it all with Fanatical Support.

So, how does that impact me, and what does the New Relic – Rackspace partnership mean to me? The answer is simple. New Relic and Rackspace deliver best of breed technologies and services to make your lives as developers simpler. We support developer communities across several languages and frameworks from Java and .NET to PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.js. Together, we’ve teamed up to offer a great developer discount:

    • As a new Rackspace customer, sign up for our Developer Discount program here and we’ll credit your account with $50/month for six months. That’s $300 of free Cloud!
    • As a new New Relic customer, sign up and you’ll get a FREE New Relic Standard ($49/server/mo) account with an additional 21-day trial of New Relic Professional (normally $199/server/mo). Sign up at newrelic.com/rackspace using promo code RACKPRC21PRO.



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