Rackspace DevOps Automation Offers Improved New Relic Integration

eric-brinkmanGuest author Eric Brinkman is product manager for Rackspace‘s DevOps Automation Service. This post was adapted from a post on the Rackspace Develop blog.

New Relic is a leader for application performance monitoring. It offers real-time performance of your web applications in production, the ability to view metrics in a dashboard and the ability to alert off of key metrics for applications and servers.

rackspace-No1-managed-cloud-logoEarlier this year, Rackspace launched our DevOps Automation Service, which combines DevOps tooling in configuration management and application performance monitoring to create relevant, working systems for customers. New Relic plays an important role in application performance monitoring by providing advanced infrastructure and application insight. Combined with Rackspace Cloud Monitoring, Logstash, and StatsD/Graphite, our DevOps Automation Service offers insight into our customers’ application and environment.

DevOps-automation-service_logoRackspace DevOps Automation customers can be more integrated into New Relic than ever before. Starting this month, the service will begin rolling out a feature that will set up customers’ Error Rate and Apdex Score alerts to notify Rackspace that a threshold has been violated. These alerts will generate tickets for our DevOps engineers to respond to so our customers can sleep soundly even when alerts are generated at 3 a.m. When combined with other data points collected about our customers’ environments, our engineers can identify where issues lie and then execute the proper course of action.

Bill Lapcevic, vice president of business development at New Relic, explains the importance of the integration this way: “Rackspace is currently the only company to provide 24 x 7 x 365 managed DevOps Automation support with New Relic integration at this scale. With deep ticketing and system integration, New Relic has become fundamental to driving performance monitoring and response capability for Rackspace DevOps Automation customers.”

The end benefit for our customers? Our DevOps knowledge to debug and proactively manage customer application performance based off of New Relic alerts. Instead of those alerts going to the customers’ email, they’ll go to Rackspace; and within 15 minutes of a New Relic alert, a Rackspace DevOps engineer can respond, 24 x 7 x 365.

For a more comprehensive list of supported technologies for Rackspace DevOps Automation Service, click here.

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