@r38y from Twitter gets great performance increase with New Relic RPM

It’s always fun to hear from our customers whether in person or through Twitter. It’s even more fun to stumble upon a Tweet from a customer showing a rather impressive performance increase thanks to their use of RPM. And it is the best of all when they include a skitch that shows both the before and after!

@r38y on Twitter is one such customer. With his permission I’m reprinting his Tweet and his Skitch. Take a look!

r38y said:

I <3 @newrelic http://skitch.com/r38y/bbpqr/awesome

Here is his chart:


From what we can tell, the indication is that @r38y’s application was essentially at 100% capacity prior to optimization and now is performing at what can only be called a high rate of speed.

Congrats @r38y! Keep up the great work,

Yours Truly,



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