Meet the Tiny Doggies Who Launched New Relic’s Puppy Friday [Pictures]

An uncontrolled explosion of cuteness erupted at New Relic’s San Francisco headquarters on Friday. A pair of unexpected visitors generated more excitement than any guest since Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny spoke here in June.

But rather than heads of state, these visitors were tiny, furry, incredibly friendly and adorable new puppies belonging to the family of our CEO and founder Lew Cirne.

The squirmy, inquisitive 8-week-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, named Kingston and Ramsay (it’s almost impossible to tell them apart) have an amazing backstory: They came to San Francisco all the way from Mississippi! It seems that Lew’s daughter found a picture of a very cute King Charles Spaniel online, and sent it out to five random people she found on her Mom’s iCloud account. One of those random people answered back that the puppies were available, and the rest is doggie history.

The pups arrived at the Cirne household at 10 p.m. Thursday night, and “of course we had to bring them in!” Lew said. By Friday morning, the litter mates had New Relic staffers running from all over our offices to pet and cuddle them. “Thus, Puppy Friday was born,” Lew proclaimed.

To see just how incredibly cute these pups are, check out the photos below:







photo 2

photo 3


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