Watch New Relic CEO’s first-ever public demo of Rubicon Software Analytics Project, plus new mobile/APM features

For those who missed FutureStack13 in person, the opening keynote by New Relic CEO Lew Cirne was chock full of introductions.


On stage, Lew introduced what might become a whole new category of software (what we’re calling “Software Analytics”), a flurry of new capabilities for New Relic around mobile and web application performance management (APM), and, yes, even his mom.

We’ve posted the full video of Lew’s keynote below.  Some highlights you won’t want to miss:

    • How Lew taught himself Ruby in a Rome café and wrote the first line of code that would become New Relic (6:53)
    • Demos of the newest New Relic APM capabilities announced at FutureStack:  the abilities to show all event data in histograms and percentiles, the introduction of Node.js monitoring, plus end-to-end mobile application performance management that for the first time gives visibility into what’s happening on the device (20:23)
    • A quick snapshot of what the 70,000 New Relic customers look like and are doing with our solution (14:20)
    • The introduction and first-ever public demo of a product effort code-named Rubicon – a new type of software to help make sense of the billions of metrics collected from your applications each day by presenting them in a simple and intuitive way that you can customize on the fly.  Watch Lew build queries and sift through all those metrics in milliseconds (36:51)
    • A conversation with Om Malik of GigaOM about the impact of software analytics on the industry (51:27)
    • And, yes, a quick introduction of Lew’s parents (say it with me: awwww). (02:01)

In the demo of Rubicon, Lew highlights the impact that putting billions of metrics to work for your business could have – not just to ensure your applications are running well, but to help you make smart business decisions.  “We want you to be more agile with your data-driven decision making,” said Lew during the keynote. “You should be able to ask your applications a question and get an answer immediately.”

For more information about software analytics, visit or Lew’s blog. You can also find more information about the web and mobile APM announcements here.

To see videos of all the FutureStack13 talks and panels, visit:

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