Last week we profiled the interns working in our San Francisco headquarters. Now we’re heading north to pick the (ridiculously intelligent) brains of the engineering interns in our Portland, Ore., office. They’ve been spending the summer working with lines of code, learning new technologies, and paving the way for their tech careers. Read their stories below.

Eric Wang: Engineering

eric wang: portland internsEric is pursuing a double major in computer science and studio art at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. While organizing a hackathon in his hometown of Portland, Eric made a connection with a New Relic employee and wound up as a summer engineering intern working with the Node Agent team.

The most valuable thing he’s learned while working at New Relic’s Portland office is how to think like a software engineer when tackling problems. He enjoys drawing and bouldering, and has wanted to be an engineer from a young age. In fact, Eric looks forward to running his own tech startup one day.

Kartik Kumar Gujarati: Engineering

Kartik Gujarati: portland internsKartik started researching New Relic after meeting our SVP of Engineering, Mikey Butler, at a university banquet at North Carolina A&T State University. Kartik is pursuing his masters in computer science there with a specialization in cybersecurity, so a summer software engineering internship with New Relic sounded like a perfect place to start his career.

Kartik is part of the Java Agent team where he helps write instrumentation for frameworks and works on New Relic’s Android app. He’s enjoyed building relationships and learning from his teammates and others around the Portland office. In addition to travel, meeting new people, and cooking, Kartik enjoys working at New Relic and would love to return to work for the company once he graduates.

Caito Scherr: Engineering

Caito Scherr: portland internsFrom her hobbies of gardening, weightlifting, and woodworking, to her B.A. in theater and dance from Grinnell College and current pursuit of a masters in software engineering at Harvard, Caito is our software engineering intern with many passions.

She had followed New Relic for a few years while determining whether tech was a good fit for her, and now is thriving on the Ruby Agent team. She has participated in QAs for bug fixes and created a full feature that was shipped with her team’s latest product release. While at New Relic she set and exceeded her goals to learn the best practices for testing, version control for complicated code bases, and learning how to more effectively talk about code.

Richard Zhang: Engineering

Richard Zhang: portland internsRichard is a computer science major at Rice University in Texas and a software engineering intern for New Relic’s Products and Subscription Services team, where he does development for New Relic’s new Cloud Pricing initiative. In his time here he has learned about the components of the software development process, such as navigating large code databases.

Richard spends his free time working out, socializing, and binge watching shows on Netflix. As far as internships go, he considers them a great way to test the waters in different fields and receive valuable learning experiences that allow you to discover something about yourself or your future. This is exactly what he has done at New Relic.

Ian Hurd: Engineering

Ian Hurd: portland internsAfter witnessing the passion and culture of New Relic at FutureStack 2015, Ian knew this was a place he wanted to work. This computer science major from UC Davis is now interning as a software engineer on the Site Provisioning team. He has developed features for web applications and is getting experience with ops work.

Thus far, he’s learned the value of incremental work, and to take your time in completing steps thoroughly before optimizing. Ian enjoys writing, exploring new places, and wants to develop video games in the future.

Daphne Watson: Engineering

Daphne Watson: portland internsOriginally from California, Daphne graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and fashion merchandising. Her career path took a different direction when she later completed the Galvanize Full-Stack Web Development course to launch her career in tech.

Daphne is now working at New Relic as a software engineer for the APM Exploration Team. Here, she appreciates the team-oriented culture and has learned the importance of not being afraid to ask questions. She enjoys yoga, sewing, gardening, and eventually wants to work for a tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lance LaMotte: Engineering

Lance LaMotte: portland internsFrom Alabama to Louisiana to Rice University in Texas, Lance has now settled on the West Coast for the summer to work as a software engineer on the Insights team. Here, he has taken charge of a long-term software feature request, and worked with his team to develop new features for Insights customers. These projects have broadened his experience in a wide range of technologies, and helped him develop personal skills, namely his ability to communicate effectively.

Although Lance was originally a pre-med student with the goal of having a positive impact on people, his passion for technology drove him to change majors to computer science. He’s keeping his original goal and looks forward to creating software that has a genuine impact on people and communities.

Justin Phang: Engineering

Justin Phang: portland internsJustin Phang has a B.S. in both computer science and mathematical sciences from UC Santa Barbara. Last summer he was invited to FutureStack 2015 where he was introduced to New Relic and decided to pursue an internship with the company. Now, he is interning on the Support Enablement Team to develop and maintain applications that the support department uses.

He values having learned how the software development cycle and cooperation within teams work, and wants to continue with a career in software where he feels he’s making a positive impact. Outside of work, Justin enjoys trying new foods and playing all sorts of games.

Grady Ellison: Engineering

Grady Ellison: portland internsGrady, an Oregon native, started pursuing higher education at Chemeketa Community College and finished at Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He learned about New Relic while volunteering, and after researching the company, decided a position here would be a great fit for him.

He spends his time at the Portland office working hard as a software engineering intern on the Browser team in a pair programming environment (a thorough coding process in which one programmer writes code as the other reviews it). At New Relic, he has learned how to navigate a professional workspace and improved his coding skills.

That’s it for now!

New Relic has been lucky to have taken on such talented, motivated young people to contribute their ideas and energy to the company this summer. This post wraps up the series of intern profiles, but don’t worry—they’ll be back! We will be hearing from them in a few weeks when we take a closer look at some specifically interesting projects our interns have been working on this summer.


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