Please join me in welcoming Chris Cook to New Relic’s leadership team!

New RelicBack in January 2008 I founded this company because I wanted to do a “do-over” at Application Performance Management (APM), now a rapidly growing $2.5 Billion dollar market. Having learned from my experiences as founding CEO of my first company, Wily Technology, I wanted to bring to market a product that our customers could not only discover, learn, use and purchase on their own, but actually have such a great experience with our software that they couldn’t resist telling their friends about it.

Today I believe more firmly than ever before that SaaS is the right approach to building a great and lasting business software company, and that SaaS is truly changing software business models forever. Since entering the market a little over three years ago, New Relic has grown to 12,000 live accounts, with 200+% top line year-over-year growth throughout that entire period. Yet we have barely scratched the surface of our total opportunity. We are deeply committed to our goal of democratizing application performance management and look forward to a day when fully half of the world’s web applications are managed by New Relic.

To that end, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I’m bringing a close friend and outstanding business leader on board here at New Relic to help our company reach its full potential. Starting this week, Chris Cook has taken on the role of President and COO here at New Relic. No, I’m not going anywhere. I am too passionate about this company and the opportunity at hand. I will continue to lead the company in my role as CEO and with Chris on board, I have the opportunity to maintain or increase my focus on the product and innovation at the company.

A brief look at Chris Cook’s background should make it clear why I am so excited to have him on the team. First, Chris has deep experience in APM industry having spent time at several leading companies in the space. He has successfully run $1Billion+ revenue-generating business units for a large company but he has also worked at startups for much of his career and he know what it takes to grow a business. He has 20+ years experience in high tech sales and strategy. He knows the APM market, he knows how to win, and he is as passionate about SaaS as I am.

At the high level, I have charged Chris with the following strategic objective: Sustain or accelerate the growth of our business while maintaining our agility, customer focus and culture of innovation that is the hallmark of our success-to-date.

Closer to the ground, that means Chris will be doing many things: scaling the go-to-market organization, aligning product innovation with market needs, making day-to-day operational decisions, coaching and developing our world class executive team – activities that as a whole will help us better serve the needs of our customers and become that company of lasting impact that we desire to be.

I’ve never been more excited about this company and the prospects for the future than I am today. Chris’s coming on board is just the beginning of a series of new developments that we will be announcing in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned!

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