A look into Pivotal Software and Pivotal Labs’ Partnership with New Relic (Video)

“Our motto has always been, ‘It just works.’  It’s a pleasure to collaborate with partners like New Relic who buy into that vision and work tirelessly to support it.” — Nima Badiey, Head of Business Development for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal Software


Pivotal Software, a leader in platform as a service, big data, and the company behind Cloud Foundry uses New Relic to monitor Pivotal Web Services, its hosted Cloud Foundry Paas solution, as well as custom projects developed by its agile software development teams at Pivotal Labs. They also offer New Relic as a value added service to their hosted and private paas customers via the partnership with New Relic.

Internally at Pivotal, the application development teams use New Relic to monitor their apps as well as debugging performance issues during the development and deployment of Pivotal products like Cloud Foundry, Spring, RabbitMQ and Redis. Similarly Pivotal Labs, the engineering services team at Pivotal, uses New Relic to instrument and monitor Java, Ruby and Node.js apps developed for today’s most popular ecommerce, mobile and social properties.

After first-hand experience seeing the value of New Relic – specifically how many hours, if not days, it saved them in identifying and fixing a variety of performance and scalability issues – it was no brainer that there was value in extending the New Relic offering to Pivotal customers.

Now, Pivotal users can just select New Relic from their growing catalog of add-on services, choose which of their applications they want monitored and voilà! The result – a wide range of metrics that quickly troubleshoot problems across application infrastructures, both within the application code itself as well as key services. Hear more about how Pivotal leverages New Relic in this new video:

Pivotal Web Services customers get New Relic Standard free of charge through the Pivotal Web Services Add-on Services Marketplace. Just signup for a PWS account and your app can be instrumented with New Relic with a few clicks.

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