Pivotal Software Collaborates with New Relic to Deliver Simple, Adaptable Monitoring for Enterprise Environments

A couple months ago we shared a video we did covering our partnership with Pivotal Software. Building on our series of partner case studies, we’ve expanded the content from that video into a full partner case study.


Big data meets PaaS and goes agile

Pivotal stands at the intersection of big data, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and agile development. The company’s software empowers agile development teams to rapidly build,launch, and scale applications while storing, analyzing, and visualizing vast quantities of dataacross a distributed database architecture.

Like many of our partnerships, the connection between New Relic and Pivotal started when Pivotal had a need for a comprehensive application performance monitoring (APM) tool to keep its business, and the businesses of its customers, up and running–no matter what. To fill this need, Pivotal made the decision to work with New Relic.


Tools to build and scale

Through our partnership, Pivotal was able to provide its customers with the tools they needed to build and scale reliable apps.

“New Relic offers exactly what our customers need in terms of monitoring. It’s cloud-native, works at scale, frees developers from the need to develop their own monitoring infrastructure, and gives operating teams the information necessary to find and fix problems quickly,” said Al Sargent, director of product marketing at Pivotal.

Learn more about how Pivotal partnered with New Relic to integrate and extend New Relic’s monitoring capabilities to its customers, all delivered in a push-button-simple user experience through the company’s Pivotal Web Services add-on marketplace.

Read the Pivotal Software partner case study here!

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