At New Relic, we think the best way to monitor the new generation of cloud native applications is to use an application monitoring service that is itself born in the cloud. That’s why we worked with Pivotal to offer seamless monitoring of applications running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the cloud native application hosting platform, to extend New Relic’s polyglot application monitoring as a natively available service.

On-premise Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers can now download the New Relic Service Broker tile directly from Pivotal Network as a locally deployable Service Broker, enabling them to directly connect their applications with New Relic and view performance metrics as quickly as they can bind their apps to the New Relic service.

New Relic supports Java and PHP applications on Pivotal Cloud Foundry with no manual configuration required. (While Ruby, Python, and Node.js applications are also supported, they still require some manual configuration to get started. Don’t worry, we’re working together to automate these runtimes as well.)

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Why monitor apps on PaaS with SaaS?

Earlier this year, New Relic joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation as part of its ongoing commitment to deliver SaaS-based software analytics for cloud native applications. With the release of the New Relic Service Broker tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry and the agent automation added to the Cloud Foundry buildpacks, we can help developers and IT ops teams alike to measure, monitor, and manage their apps running on Cloud Foundry without the additional cost and complexity of local monitoring systems.

Here are a few reasons why we believe you should take advantage of New Relic:

  1. Get insight into customer experience. See the data that can help you understand the impact of application performance and code changes on the experience your customers have with your software. New Relic brings together application and customer experience data to help give development, operations, marketing, and other teams greater insight for improved decision making.
  1. Remediate cloud issues quickly. In a single dashboard, New Relic lets you see how your Cloud Foundry applications are using various services such as databases, storage, and compute so you can make sure that changes being made in your private cloud environment aren’t negatively impacting performance.
  1. Gain scalability without losing visibility. The beauty of cloud computing is the flexibility to scale your infrastructure as needed and move workloads to where they make the most sense. New Relic lets you do so without the additional burden of making extensive configuration or security changes to accommodate monitoring.
  1. Have a single source of truth. Arm your team with detailed—and, just as important, consistent—data to help them understand the experience your app is delivering. With everyone working from the same source of data, teams can collaborate and understand the real value that their applications bring to the business.

How to get started

  1. Download the New Relic Service Broker tile from the Pivotal Network and import it into your Pivotal Ops Manager dashboard.
  2. Configure the tile with your current New Relic account credentials.
  3. Follow the steps listed here to complete setup.

Get a free extended trial

If you don’t have a New Relic account, go to to sign up for a free 60-day trial of New Relic APM Pro.


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