Pivotal Labs adopts New Relic RPM

Pivotal LabsWe’d like to take a moment and welcome the newest members of the Rails Community using New Relic RPM. Pivotal Labs, based in San Francisco, CA has standardized on New Relic RPM, incorporating it into their Agile Development standard practices. Pivotal will be providing RPM free of charge to their development clients.

We think this is especially exciting because Pivotal are Agile experts. They have a product called Pivotal Tracker which allows you to implement an Agile development methodology easily into your Rails Development. We use Pivotal Tracker and Agile here at New Relic and believe the combination of Agile and Rails Performance Management are critical to get the most value out of your applications. (We have a longer post on this very subject here)

The short form is that for us, RPM provides the instant feedback on production pushes as to whether the code is running successfully, whether the code is performing better than the previous version, and when the new roll-out is not successful, gives the detailed performance feedback that helps the developers instantly identify the smoking gun problem so that it can be fixed.

So, join me in welcoming Pivotal Labs as they incorporate RPM into their standard development methodology.


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