Businesses realize several advantages when moving to the cloud, and Cloud Foundry is a great platform to use to run applications. Using a SaaS-based monitoring solution such as New Relic provides several advantages as well:

  • One tool for all your environments: One interface and one clear picture of your applications and infrastructure, whether they are in the cloud or on-premise or some combination thereof. Your apps can reside anywhere, and you can know how they are performing.
  • Elasticity: Scale up or scale down, and your monitoring infrastructure mirrors your elasticity. The New Relic Software Analytics Cloud processes over 2M analytic events and queries over 3B data points every minute and is hungry for more. (It’s our big data problem, not yours.)
  • Seamless updates: Updates aren’t a big deal. You don’t have software to maintain and no hardware to worry about. Your team stays focused on your applications and business goals, and isn’t distracted by maintaining a monitoring tool.
  • Freedom: Change your architecture, move to the cloud, and add or remove applications without worrying about your monitoring infrastructure keeping up. Think of it as future-proofing your monitoring solution.

cloud foundry logoIn this way, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and New Relic make a great combination. You can use New Relic on PCF to verify cloud migration success, remediate private cloud issues quickly, get insight into the customer experience, and monitor the health of your PCF deployments.

To help you see how easy it is to manage your Pivotal Cloud Foundry instances with New Relic, we are offering a special 60-day free license of New Relic APM for PCF users. Just download the New Relic tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry and you can quickly start monitoring your Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, and Node.js apps.

New Relic is a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, and shares the goals of driving global awareness, adoption, and development of the Cloud Foundry platform. New Relic joins SAP, VMware, IBM, Intel, EMC, and more than 50 other technology innovators as a Foundation member. We seek to sustain Cloud Foundry as the global industry standard Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) open source technology with a thriving ecosystem.

Get started monitoring your Pivotal Cloud Foundry instances today, free for 60 days! Learn more at


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