Performance Monitoring for Cloud Hosted Applications – Time for a Clean Sheet of Paper

Picture 1In an article published the other day on the very informative site called The Virtualization Practice, tech analyst Bernd Harzog analyzes the factors that make managing Cloud-based applications so challenging for both customers and their performance monitoring vendors. Because of the virtualized nature of Cloud infrastructures, traditional application performance tools either do not work, require days or weeks of set up time, or are unable to aggregate performance across multiple instances correctly.’

Bernd calls for a fundamentally new approach to app management and cites New Relic as the one vendor who gets it. To this we say “Thank you, Bernd.” And our nearly 700 Cloud customers say “Yep, we knew it all along. That’s why we chose New Relic.”  Check out Mr. Harzog’s comments on The Virtualization Practice. You will also find a wealth of information there about Cloud, virtualization, and performance management.

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