At New Relic, we see a tremendous role for partners helping businesses transform towards modern software. New Relic is deeply entrenched with many customers shifting workloads to the cloud, which increasingly involves initiatives to modernize their software.

Momentum in the New Relic partner ecosystem

As more complex modernization projects come to the fore, New Relic partners—including cloud providers, systems integrators (SIs), and many other technology partners/independent software vendors (ISVs)—are increasingly positioned at the core of these initiatives. At our FutureStack18 events in San Francisco and London, we held summits for our key partners in this ecosystem and shared our vision of how New Relic is building a modern partner ecosystem built on three key themes: ease of engagement, a solutions approach, and flexible partnering.

Advancing business initiatives in the cloud

Now, as AWS re:Invent gears up in Las Vegas, I’m excited to highlight the momentum that New Relic is seeing with our partners around Amazon Web Services (AWS) migrations, the AWS Marketplace, and the ISV partners that together define the modern partner ecosystem.

We are working with several systems integrators that use New Relic to deliver cloud migration services from planning all the way through to operational stability. We are speaking with dozens of ISVs whose capabilities help round out successful cloud migrations and who want to use the New Relic platform as their source of truth. Furthermore, the business model innovation driven by AWS and its AWS Marketplace is transforming the industry, making it easier to consume more cloud services and complementary ISV technologies like New Relic.

Introducing New Relic’s Cloud Adoption Solution for AWS

As we’ve talked about cloud adoption with customers, partners, and AWS over the past year, we gained new insight into the challenges of cloud migrations—and we found that New Relic is in a great position to help. Customers often use New Relic to troubleshoot migration problems (see, for example, our work with, and of course they rely upon New Relic for daily monitoring and alerting. However, migration projects did not always utilize New Relic during the cloud migration planning process—where it is critical to assess readiness, establish performance baselines, define metrics and KPIs, and build dashboards that will monitor progress and success.

Today at AWS re:Invent, we introduced a new program, the New Relic Cloud Adoption Solution (CAS) for AWS, with which we are advocating the following best practices for customers, SIs, and AWS Professional Services teams who are leading migration initiatives:

  1. Engage New Relic as the platform for migrations from beginning to end, and use consistent metrics across multiple phases of large migrations.
  2. Use a migration methodology that is aligned to AWS migration methodologies and tools such as AWS’s MAP (Migration Acceleration Program), including MRP (Migration Resource Planning), MRA (Migration Readiness Assessment), and Migration and Operations (M&O).
  3. Instrument all applications with New Relic prior to migration.
  4. Use New Relic migration dashboards to provide visibility to stakeholders and to keep projects on schedule.
  5. If there are other migration tools used, integrate their data via New Relic Insights, so that all migration metrics and KPIs are visible in one place.

On the last point, we are happy to announce new partnerships with important AWS partners, RISC Networks, TSO Logic, and Cloudamize, with migration examples and a catalog of pre-built dashboards designed to make it seamless to get the most out of each of these tools.

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As the next phase of cloud migrations are often more complex and involve application modernization, it is critical to have a visibility platform like New Relic in the mix from the very beginning—starting with the planning phase.

Integrating migration data in one place

Earlier this fall, New Relic announced a new developer program available at This secures the foundation for New Relic technology partners and ISVs to make it even easier to integrate data from multiple sources. As customers and integrators use multiple technology partners as part of their migration and cloud adoption services, the New Relic platform is ready to provide end-to-end visibility and help ensure each project is successful and on schedule. We encourage technology partners to contact us to learn more about the potential to integrate a wide variety of data into the New Relic platform and to engage in shaping our ISV partner program.

Working with AWS Marketplace to accelerate cloud adoption

As customers implement their cloud strategies and increasingly make multi-year commitments to cloud spending, they are also solidifying their plans to include related technologies such as New Relic. Working with AWS Marketplace teams, we are making it even easier to consume cloud services, promote successful migrations, bundle data from multiple ISVs, and provide end-to-end visibility by purchasing New Relic licenses through the AWS Marketplace.

We’ve now worked with more than a dozen customers who purchased New Relic via AWS Marketplace and SaaS Private Offers. Our customers tell us there are tremendous benefits in combining budgets, unifying billing, and streamlining procurement processes by shifting technology spend towards AWS spend, which includes AWS Marketplace. We are excited to work with customers in this modern buying experience, and we look forward to future innovations from the AWS Marketplace team that will enable the bundling of New Relic with even more cloud technologies and services—including all types of partners in New Relic’s modern partner ecosystem.

Adopt the cloud faster with New Relic

Digital transformation is still in its infancy for many companies, and we are passionate about the impact we can have in accelerating these initiatives as customers use New Relic as the core platform for cloud adoption. As we continue to build the partner ecosystem that is leading these transformation projects, we look forward to aligning with more integrators on migration methodologies that feature New Relic as the core technology platform; to integrating data into our migration dashboards with more ISVs; and to making it seamless to procure New Relic via the AWS Marketplace. These initiatives together make a powerful impact on the industry’s transformation.

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