Our New Mobile Partner Program Includes the “Who’s Who” of Mobile App Platform Providers

Last week we announced the availability of New Relic for Mobile Apps and touched on the expansion of our world-class partner program with the addition of our new Mobile Partner Program. Whether a business is working with a mobile app platform, cloud or hosting provider, mobile app developers need visibility into their customers’ user experience to help assure the success of their mobile app businesses. Mobile developers are looking for platform providers to provide core functionality as well as easy access to third party services.

That’s why we chose the ‘who’s who’ in the mobile app marketplace as the charter members of our Mobile Partner Program. Through our partnerships, customers of Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build, Appcelerator, Parse and Stackmob get New Relic for Mobile Apps Standard free of charge for an unlimited number of apps and users. Together we’re offering a unique, one-of-a-kind service that helps our joint app developer customers achieve rave customer reviews and 5-star ratings.

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Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build takes the pain out of developing mobile apps by allowing developers to upload their HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript assets to the Adobe PhoneGap Build cloud service and have the compiling work done for them. Sign up for New Relic through Adobe PhoneGap Build here.

Appcelerator is the mobile development platform of choice for thousands of enterprises as they become mobile-first organizations. Appcelerator Titanium is the only mobile cloud platform to enable fully native, cross-platform mobile app and HTML5 web development, from a single codebase. Sign up for New Relic through Appcelerator here.

Parse is a complete technology stack to power your mobile app’s backend. The combined power of Parse and New Relic allows developers to focus on creating the very best mobile apps for their users with the confidence that critical, real time data about the entire app environment is always at their fingertips. Sign up for New Relic through Parse here.

Stackmob is an end-to-end development platform for mobile applications that helps developers create a mobile business by letting them easily build, deploy and grow full-featured applications from the very first version. Sign up for New Relic through Stackmob here.

Interested In Joining Our Mobile Partner Program?
Want to become a member of our Mobile Partner Program and offer the industry’s first tool for 24/7 monitoring of native mobile apps totally free to your customers? Sign up here.


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