Optimizing ProcessMaker’s Performance Monitoring with New Relic

ProcessMaker logoThis is a guest blog post from Emilia Rybak, from marketing at Colosa, the company behind ProcessMaker(R) Open Source BPM.

As a leading open source workflow software suite, ProcessMaker must be running at top functionality at all times. Our clients rely on our software to execute the business processes around which their organizations revolve. When it comes to business process management, it’s not enough to be reactive. It’s crucial to be proactive and anticipate issues before they arise in order to save our clients valuable hours of productivity and several headaches.

When it came to incorporating a comprehensive application performance monitoring solution into our monitoring architecture, we were looking for something simple to install, deploy, and analyze. Right from the start, it became clear that New Relic is a superior monitoring tool with its real time, intuitive and actionable analytics.

Where New Relic Comes In
Of New Relic’s three main capabilities of web, server and mobile monitoring, web application monitoring is the most useful for ProcessMaker since it operates on a web-based interface. We’ve been impressed with the wide variety of thorough yet user friendly quantitative analyses that are available within New Relic, such as the ability to track slow SQL traces.

Other features we find helpful include setting alerts for performance changes, adding notes to graphs, creating dashboards to track key performance metrics, and most importantly, the ability to conveniently embed graphs into third-party programs and websites.

In fact, we’re currently creating a new ProcessMaker plugin that will enable us to embed New Relic graphs into our ProcessMaker interfaces. Thus, our clients will soon be able to benefit as much as we have from New Relic’s real time, actionable performance monitoring data.

Improving Customer Service
New Relic’s performance monitoring has directly improved how we coordinate with and serve our clients. For example, we recently received an alert that a client’s hard disks were almost full. We contacted the client to pass this insight on to them, which enabled them to make appropriate adjustments ahead of time rather than scrambling to handle the issue after the server failed.

Once again, taking preemptive action rather than trying to resolve problems after they arise has proven to be an invaluable advantage for us at ProcessMaker and for our clients who depend on our product to help run their businesses.

Upgrading ProcessMaker
As a final testament to how ProcessMaker has improved in conjunction with using New Relic’s performance monitoring, New Relic’s detailed analysis played an important role in helping us develop our latest version of ProcessMaker, from version 2.0.43 to 2.5 — its intricate performance monitoring gave us a much deeper level of understanding of the obstacles our clients were facing and how to resolve them, as well as the source of inefficient operation of ProcessMaker.

New Relic has helped us identify bottlenecks in communication between the web server and the ProcessMaker server, as well as the database requests that have slowed the functioning of ProcessMaker. These insights enabled us to optimize ProcessMaker’s code, incorporate 54 new features and ultimately produce the fastest version of ProcessMaker yet.

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