One Tool to Rule Them All.

For at least a decade, dozens of IT Management vendors have tried to solve the “end-to-end” Application Performance Management (APM) problem, measuring all real user transactions from end user browser response time all the way down to the line of code or sql statement for root cause analysis. And many vendors have claimed to solve this problem. One of the first companies that made such a claim was my previous company, Wily Technology, with our 2005 acquisition of Timestock.

But the fact is that before today, Wily and every other vendor who claims end-to-end application performance management has taken the shortcut that makes them fall far short of the goal. Through acquisition or partnership, they cobbled together disparate products and source bases that integrate well in powerpoint or on the vendor’s website, but not in the real world. We have a term for that at New Relic: the Franken-Monitor.

Well today, we’re changing the industry forever. New Relic is the first APM company to build from scratch a single, fully integrated product that manages the entire end-to-end application performance.

One User Interface. One product to setup. One SKU.

Better Yet, we are maintaining or lowering prices across the board while adding this game-changing functionality into our core product!

Looking further out, you can expect us to offer even more and value and visibility for the same price – again, from a single product, designed from scratch to solve the whole problem. We have plans to offer free server monitoring for infrastructure metrics like CPU, Memory and I/O later in the year. And Pythonistas rejoice! New Relic is entering private beta for our upcoming Python Agent. If you are interested, contact us at to get on the list.

In short, we believe in our market opportunity and are willing to play to win. We’re taking no shortcuts: not in product, nor in pricing, nor in any other part of our business. We have resisted the urge to charge extra for real user monitoring. Companies that focus only on about the next quarter or year fall into that trap. We’re looking at the next decade.

At New Relic, we are changing the game forever. If your APM vendor doesn’t offer a single solution built from the ground up to monitor the browser, through the network, to application, and even to the line of code, then they are living in the 2000’s.  Learn more about our new offering here.

Oh and yes, we are and always will be 100% SaaS.

Game on.

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