Nulogy Delivers Personalized Products to Consumers with Help from New Relic [Video]

If you’ve purchased anything recently, chances are the packaging was customized for you and consumers just like you. Think of the case of soda or beer you picked up over the weekend and how the usual packaging has been updated with images of the World Cup. Customized consumer packaging and goods have become the norm, and most consumers are unaware of the full operation behind something as simple as an everyday six-pack of beer.


Founded in 2002, Nulogy helps brands and their suppliers bring personalized products to consumers more quickly, safely, and intelligently. The company’s software and services leverage cloud technology and network federation to solve problems across the supply chain for more than 400 brands worldwide.

“Many of our clients demand business-grade SLAs to guarantee real-time access to data,” said Jason Yuen, co-founder and CTO of Nulogy. “With New Relic, we can monitor the availability of our applications and share that information with clients during service reviews, and that level of transparency strengthens our reputation as a trusted vendor.”

Recommended by Engine Yard, a long-time and trusted New Relic partner, New Relic gives Nulogy a holistic view of its application environment. This enables its developers to make informed decisions for optimizing system performance. As an added bonus, New Relic also helps Nulogy achieve greater transparency with its customers.

You can learn more about Nulogy and how it’s helping hundreds of global brands deliver personalized packaged goods to consumers in the video below.

Want more? Read the Nulogy case study.'

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