Now you can publish RPM Notes and Charts on the web and share them on Twitter. It’s easy!

Sharing application performance data with colleagues, partners, and customers just got a lot easier. The Notes capability in RPM has always been a useful collaboration tool because it lets users work as a team to solve issues. We’ve just made collaboration even easier by adding the option to share Notes and Charts publicly and to notify people via Twitter.

Now, when you create a Note in RPM, in addition to “Share This Note,” you’ll see additional options “Tweet this note” and “Publish.”

Tweet this note

“Tweet this Note” lets you publish the Note or Chart to a public URL then share it on Twitter. The Tweet includes a shortened link that your followers can click. “Publish” posts the Note or Chart to a public URL and you can decide who to send the URL to. You also have the option of making a published note revert to a private state. It will then only be viewable by logging in to RPM and anyone who tries the public link will get a 404 Not Found error.

Making Notes and Charts public is a great enhancement that many of our customers have asked for and we are very pleased to be offering it today. Be sure to let us know what you think!'

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