Now Loading: Behind The Scenes Of A Mobile App

As you tap your fingers on your smartphone and information comes back to you in less than seconds, as if by magic, have you ever stopped to wonder what’s actually happening on the backend of your mobile device? What are the many steps that take place before the data you’re requesting is actually displayed on your screen? Is it really as simple as it looks?

With this infographic, we decided to explore the background workings of a mobile app, and since we collect billions of metrics everyday at New Relic, with a little digging into our mobile monitoring data, we laid out some interesting stats for you as well. In fact, we found that across the apps we monitor there are a staggering 639,000 active users per minute on average!

Take a look at this ‘Behind the Scenes of a Mobile App’ infographic, and to get the deep visibility you need to get to that optimum ‘less than a second’ response rate for your app, start with a 30 day free trial of our enterprise solution for mobile application monitoring.


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