Now in Beta: New Relic RPM Ruby Agent version 2.10. Tell us what you think about the newest capabilities.

New Relic logoToday we posted a beta version of our newest Ruby Agent, 2.10, which includes some significant enhancements. We invite you to take it for spin and we’d would appreciate your feedback about the features or any bugs and incompatibilities that you might encounter. Please add your comments at New Relic support.

Installing the Ruby Agent

To install the beta as a plugin, delete any existing RPM plugin in the vendor/plugins area and use this command:

ruby script/plugin install git:// -r ‘refs/tags/v2.10.2_beta1’

To install the beta as a gem, do the following:

git clone git://
cd rpm
git checkout v2.10.2_beta1
rake manifest
rake install

Watch the RPM status blog for updates to the beta:

Ruby Agent 2.10 Features

Here’s a short run-down of the new features. You can find a more detailed description on our support site.

  • Instrumentation of methods as if they were web transactions for better visibility into background tasks and and other activities occurring outside of normal controller actions.
  • Additional visibility into Garbage Collection statistics in Ruby Enterprise Edition as well as Ruby versions with the Railsbench GC patches compiled in.
  • Additional visibility into the time a request spends in the queue via the X-REQUEST-ENTRY header, easily inserted into Apache configuration.
  • Application profiling in developer mode that enables RPM to give you a list of profiles to examine for each controller action invoked.
  • Instrumentation to automatically capture Sinatra handlers and show them in the UI as controller actions named according to their URI pattern.
  • Capture of Rack apps and Metals as controller actions for more detailed analysis.
  • CPU metric collection in JRuby, allowing you to determine CPU time spent in every controller action.

We’ve also made some configuration and API changes so be sure to check out the release notes. We look forward to hearing from you.'

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