Now Announcing Alerts for New Relic Lite

For quite some time, New Relic has provided alerts for paid subscribers. Our alerting feature automatically notifies our customers whenever their app is experiencing a problem. But we thought all our customers should be able to use this important and useful feature. So as of today, New Relic now provides alerts for all product levels including New Relic Lite!

You can easily set alert thresholds on your application’s Apdex score, as well as your server’s CPU, disk and memory usage. When a monitored metric violates a threshold for an extended period, a problem appears in your ‘Recent events’ list. And if the problem remains open (i.e. the threshold continues to be violated), an ‘Alert’ appears in your ‘Recent events’ list.

Problem & Alert Events

When an alert is created, New Relic sends a notification message to your email address. Additionally, you can have alerts sent to your PagerDuty, Campfire, HipChat, Twitter, or any other external email accounts.

Alert Opened email

Follow the alert’s link to see a summary of the associated problem(s) and timeline – including response time, Apdex and throughput charts at the time of the problem. You can see when the problem started, when notifications were sent, when additional problems were added, and when the problem ended.

Alert Status

When all of the problems in an alert close (i.e. thresholds are not longer being violated), the alert also closes and a notification is sent indicating the alert has ended.

Alert ended

Fore more information, see the following articles in New Relic’s documentation:

Alerting in New Relic
Alert Notifications
Server Monitoring Alerts


* Error collection and alerts on error rate are only available with a New Relic Pro subscription or higher.
* Problem events have always been supported with a New Relic Lite subscription, but alerts and notifications are new.'

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