New and Noteworthy: Product and REST API Updates

Buy this awesome card from love the fact that as a SaaS company we can ship new features and product enhancements every single week. The pace of development is so quick though, that we sometimes forget to mention new and interesting features by the time the next batch is ready to go. Consider this our belated New Years resolution: to post more juicy product updates here on the blog!

New Availability Monitoring Features

Availability monitoring has several new features. In configuring Ping URLs, you can now specify a substring to match in the response content. If the string is not found, a failure is recorded. You can also disable the SSL certificate validation for a site if you are using a self signed certificate or a non-host matching certificate.

REST API now uses an API key

Our REST API now uses a generated API key for authorization. Previously, the account license key was used. For accounts which are currently using their license key for API access, the API key will be set initially to the license key so your applications will continue to work without modification. However, for extra security you can now go in and generate a new API key to use, revoking the use of the license key in API calls.

You can now temporarily disable pinging on your site using REST calls to disable and re-enable pinging during maintenance windows. Details of the API are specified on the Availability Monitoring configuration page.

REST API on Github

Our REST API is now fully documented with Active Resource examples in the New Relic API gem on github.

Unsubscribe links on weekly email reports and incident emails

We have simplified your ability to unsubscribe from certain emails from New Relic by adding unsubscribe links at the bottom of several types of email messages.'

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