If you wanted to support a cause that you care deeply about, which would you rather do?

Option A. Send a paper check through the U.S. mail to a nonprofit organization, then wait months for their holiday newsletter to show up (also via snail mail) to see a generic description of the impact your contribution may have made.


Option B. Visit a beautifully designed, interactive website to read a personal story that resonates with you (from a child in the developing world who needs a life-saving medical procedure to an entrepreneur in need of funding to start her own small business). Donate your money directly online to help crowdfund their needed contribution. Return online whenever you want to get real-time updates on both the funding effort as well as the specific impact that money had on the people you chose to help.

Personal and empowering

Like most people, I would vote for Option B. Through the power of software, I can establish a deeper connection with the people I am assisting. Most important, this deeper and more real-time personal connection makes me more likely to make additional contributions.

Fortunately, Option B actually exists in real life today. Organizations such as Watsi and Kiva are leveraging software to create just this type of personal connection between donors and recipients. Part of how they make it happen is with the power of New Relic technology.

“We’ve been using New Relic since the beginning,” says Watsi founder Chase Adam. “It has been just incredibly important in ensuring that we’re building the best software possible and delivering the best experience for our users.”

“At Kiva, New Relic has helped us improve performance and stability, whether it’s for long-running queries, servers that are getting hit too often, or a particular part of an application that isn’t handling increases in user volume,” adds Kevin O’Brien, Kiva’s CTO. “Stronger website performance means more connections made between lenders and borrowers to help alleviate poverty.”

kevin o'brien: futurestack15

Kevin O’Brien, CTO of Kiva, joined me onstage at FutureStack15 to discuss his organization’s mission.

Helping organizations use software to change the world

At New Relic we believe that the greatest organizations set out to make an impact on the world—and we want to help. In January 2015 we established our nonprofit program to help make it easier for nonprofit organizations to use software to further their goals. Through the program, qualified 501(c)3 organizations are eligible to receive up to five free hosts of APM Pro plus a significant discount on additional hosts in accordance with program terms.

As the Executive Sponsor of New Relic’s Nonprofit Program, I am proud to announce that as New Relic grows, so will our program. As of January 2016, we are extending the Nonprofit Program to cover the entire New Relic platform, including New Relic Browser, New Relic Insights, New Relic Mobile, and New Relic Synthetics.

Software for everyone

We believe there’s no reason to limit the transformational power of software to the “for profit” sector. Software can create powerful opportunities for nonprofits of all types to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and extend the reach of their missions.

New Relic wants to be a great partner to nonprofits in this process. We believe our cloud-based approach to Software Analytics—cost-efficient and easy-to-use—aligns well with the structure and needs of many nonprofits. With the New Relic Nonprofit Program, we set out to lower the barrier to entry for nonprofits to understand their software’s performance and gain insights into how their organization is running. By extending the program to include the entire New Relic Software Analytics Cloud, we hope to sharpen their focus and strengthen their ability to make the world a better place.

Watch my full interview with Kevin O’Brien in the video below:

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You can learn more about the New Relic Nonprofit Program in this press release, or go to http://newrelic.com/nonprofit and let us help you change the world with software.


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