Node.js Agent Now Supports New Relic Insights

InsightsBeta-01 As of version 1.6.0 — available now — the Node.js agent you use for monitoring your application performance will automatically insert data into New Relic Insights, our new software analytics platform. By default, you get route and timing data for all of your web transactions, but you can also add custom events and get client-side browser data too. Attributes for web transactions from your Node.js app will be automatically populated into Insights, and will include the application name, type, and request duration, along with a timestamp; a list and description for all of the transaction attributes can be found here. Additionally, if you use New Relic Browser, real-user browser page view events will automatically be sent to Insights as well. Having this data in Insights will let you analyze your metrics and make data-driven decisions for your business. You can use NRQL, our easy-to-use query language, to create detailed queries and find answers to important questions about your application and users. A blog post from our Product team (Insights, Instantly! The Power of the New Relic Agents) provides an excellent scenario and use case example. Essentially, without doing any additional work, you’ll have access to a new software analytics platform already populated with your Node.js application data. You can use that platform to analyze and graph your data, and to create custom dashboards. Currently in open beta for New Relic users, Insights is free with one week of data for a limited time. Here are a few helpful links to get you started:

Now go upgrade your Node.js agent to 1.6.0 and play! Bonus! This release also means that all Node.js applications will now have the histograms and percentiles feature available in the overview page graphs. Here’s a great blog post that shows some examples and why outliers can be interesting.

Jacob Groundwater is a software engineer by day, and math nerd by night. Before joining New Relic to work on the Node.js agent, he spent a year at an Animation-as-Service company. Born and raised in Vancouver, Jacob has also traveled extensively, teaching taekwondo in Korea and working with entrepreneurs in Malaysia and Hong Kong. View posts by .

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