Node.js Joins the New Relic Family

Node.js, welcome to the family!  Yes, it’s true – we are so excited to announce that New Relic now monitors applications written in Node.js.  New Relic now monitors apps written in six web languages (and frameworks in Node’s case) and two mobile platforms! Ya, that’s a lot. Quick recap, New Relic now monitors Node.js, Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Python, iOS, and Android apps. Oh – and don’t forget about all those plugins available on our open Platform and our free Server monitoring.

The new Node.js agent brings with it lots of awesome features that can’t be found anywhere else, like code-level visibility with transaction tracing, the ability to map out calls to 3rd party API’s with the App Map, and overall application uptime monitoring and performance.

Our aim was to build a real-time monitoring solution that can keep up with your real-time Node.js apps. Creating this agent is a great accomplishment for New Relic, and the last few months have been quite the journey for our Node developers here at New Relic. You can read more about that journey in a separate blog post.

For those of you don’t have much experience with Node.js, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about? What makes Node.js so different from all the other programming languages and frameworks out there?

When New Relic decided to build a dedicated Node.js agent, we had to ask ourselves the same questions, and here’s an infographic to sum up what we discovered!


Of course the real reason we are bringing New Relic’s monitoring solution to your Node.js apps is because you asked us for it! We don’t take your requests lightly, and so when you ask our aim is to deliver!

Check out a few of our customers who were eager to get New Relic for their Node.js apps, and how it’s helped to simplify their lives.

And finally, Node.js wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for some very brilliant engineers that had a vision to create faster, real-time apps, that can scale quickly. Some of those engineers are now part of the Joyent team, the corporate stewards behind Node.js, and a New Relic partner. Isaac Schlueter is one of the key core contributors to Node.js and during his time with The Node Firm, he along with Tim Caswell, lent their expertise to assist New Relic in building a powerful Node.js Agent!

Take a look at Isaac, and fellow Joyent colleagues, share their perspective on why Node.js is one of the hottest frameworks out there.

Learn more about New Relic’s Node.js agent! 

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