Nine New Affiliates Join New Relic Program

Today we announced that nine more organizations have joined our Affiliate Program. The Affiliate Program was first announced in November 2008. the purpose of the program is to enable individuals and organizations with  clients and associates who use Rails to use and recommend RPM and get paid in the bargain. To date, nearly 60 members have signed up.

Picture 5The newest members are Bit Zesty, Citrusbyte, Code Genome, Edithouse eLabs, Numerex, Robot Mode, West Arete Consulting, and the San Diego and Budapest Ruby User Groups.

There are several different kinds of organizations in the Affiliate Program. Most are classic Rails development shops, like Hashrocket, Edithouse eLabs, Pivotal Labs, Bit Zesty, Atlantic Dominion, and others. Some are software firms who have developed a platform other Rails companies use. Some are hosting companies – like Blue Box Group and Webbynode. And finally there are the user groups who use our program to get discounts for their members.

Picture 6For development firms the Affiliate Program can create several new opportunities. First, affiliates can use RPM on their clients’ applications during development. This insures higher quality apps at launch time. Second, affiliates can add new services such as application monitoring and troubleshooting to their list of services. And finally they can use RPM’s custom dashboard capability to rapidly add real-time business dashboards to add more value to a client’s app with minimal effort.
Picture 7
If this all sounds interesting,  go to Bill Lapcevic is the New Relic exec who runs the program and he would love to hear from you.

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