Nezumi’s Mobile Management of Heroku Apps Adds New Relic Integration, Plus a Free Offer!

Marshall-HussMarshall Huss works on iOS at Treehouse and is the developer of Nezumi, a mobile app for Heroku.

When I launched Nezumi more than four years ago, I was just trying to scratch my own itch. I wanted to make management of my Heroku-hosted app easier when I was not in front of my computer.

nezumi_iconAt the time, developers like me were discovering that using Heroku was easier than hosting their own apps, and I wanted to make Heroku even better for everyone. So I built Nezumi, a way for developers to manage their Heroku apps on the go from iOS and Android devices. With Nezumi, you can scale your Heroku processes right from your mobile device, add and manage as many accounts as you need, and even check your application logs—anywhere, anytime.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the future of Nezumi and how to make using Heroku from a mobile device as easy and accessible as possible. Nezumi is the only Heroku mobile app with console access, and the latest updates now also include support for Heroku’s 2-factor authentication, UI updates for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and easy access to the New Relic add-on right on your app dashboard.

Starting today, from your Nezumi dashboard you can add the free New Relic APM add-on to any Heroku app, manage your New Relic APM subscription plans, and instantly launch the New Relic mobile app with a single tap.


This mobile-to-mobile integration of Nezumi with New Relic is the first of its kind. While hundreds of New Relic integrations exist, I’m proud to say that Nezumi is one of the first mobile apps that launches New Relic’s mobile app. If you’re considering integrating New Relic’s mobile app into your own mobile app, it can be as easy as a single line of code—check out the New Relic Partner Program for more info.

Thanks to this new partnership with New Relic, Nezumi is now available for FREE for a limited time for both iOS and Android (that’s discounted from $9.99). I’m really excited to be partnering with New Relic and getting Nezumi into the hands of as many developers as possible.

Get the Nezumi app for iOS or Android today!



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