Nexcess Partners With New Relic To Provide Real-Time Analytics

Good news for Nexcess customers! Nexcess has partnered with New Relic to bring software analytics capabilities to its dedicated server hosting plans and customers. With New Relic, Nexcess customers can leverage the real-time data generated by their applications to drive intelligent decision making and optimize the performance of their applications—and their entire application stack.


Nexcess is a leading provider of performance-maximized managed Web hosting. It offers a variety of hosting services, ranging from entry-level packages to custom clustered/complex hosting configurations, with an emphasis on performance-maximized managed hosting.

Performant and reliable hosting is a necessary foundation of any successful application or site, but efficient use of data and analytics can be just as important if developers are to properly leverage that foundation,” says Chris Wells, president and CEO of Nexcess, “By partnering with New Relic, we are bringing rich analytics to our dedicated server clients so that they can pursue performance-optimized applications to complement our specially optimized servers.”

Getting started

If you are on a dedicated or cluster solution with Nexcess, simply request the addition of New Relic to your service by contacting the Nexcess Sales Team.

How to access New Relic from the Nexcess Client Portal

Once the Nexcess Sales Team has activated New Relic on your account, follow these five steps to access New Relic:

Step 1: Log into the Nexcess Client Portal

Step 2: Click on All Services in the left menu:


Step 3: From your services page, next to the service running New Relic, select Options > Launch New Relic:



Step 4: You will see the screen below as you are being logged in to New Relic:


Step 5: That’s it! Once you have been successfully logged in to New Relic, your dashboard will appear:


We welcome Nexcess to the New Relic Partner Program and look forward to a long and awesome partnership!'

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