The news comes thick and fast, and it never stops. For media organizations, that means downtime isn’t an option—not for journalists, and definitely not for the apps and websites through which they reach their readers.

No one knows that better than News UK, publisher of Britain’s most popular newspaper The Sun, which boasts 3.9 million daily readers and more than 70 million monthly unique website visits. News UK is also home to the iconic The Times and The Sunday Times, which offer paid subscriptions to online readers.

News UK logoAs more and more of its readers opt to get their news via the web, News UK is committed to optimizing its digital products. To help it do so, the company added the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform to its byline.

Bringing the agility

With its development teams already fully agile, News UK decided to embrace a DevOps approach. The goal? To bring that same agility to service management to help operations teams measure performance more accurately, solve problems faster, and better monitor overall growth.

Before discovering New Relic, News UK relied on a broad array of analytics and monitoring tools—seven, to be exact, plus an eighth required to manage all the disparate alerts being generated. With troubleshooting proving way too time consuming and resource intensive, the company knew it needed a better solution.

Up and running, fast

Beginning with New Relic APM and New Relic Insights, News UK’s technology teams were impressed by the simple installation process. They also loved that useful dashboards showing actionable data were up and running within minutes—something that definitely wasn’t true of their previous monitoring solutions.

Soon, New Relic was being rolled out company-wide. Across 50 applications, 15 consumer-facing sites, and 15 mobile apps, New Relic now provides crucial, real-time performance insights for News UK’s entire digital portfolio.

Getting the scoop on potential errors

Thanks to New Relic, News UK’s developers are well positioned to troubleshoot issues, highlight problematic code, and optimize applications. While individual dashboards give developers and team leaders insight into daily unique visitors, active users, crash rates, and uptake per platform after each application deployment, dashboards on big screens around the office help to keep all product stakeholders on the same page.

Of particular value to the company’s new DevOps approach is the ability to integrate New Relic Alerts with Slack and Remedyforce to help ensure those alerts go directly, and instantly, to the right people. Even better, it enables the automatic opening, assigning, and closing of tickets derived from performance issues identified by New Relic.

Also vital is the crash analysis function in New Relic Mobile. “Our developers have more concrete insight into where crashes may occur and on which devices,” says John Rizzo-Naudi, digital service owner at News UK. “We can now identify and troubleshoot potential errors long before the customer is impacted.”

That translates to minimal down time for mobile readers who expect impeccable service, 24/7, no matter where they are.

Driving customer focus

In the year since deploying New Relic, News UK has seen a huge positive impact—especially when it comes to empowering its DevOps culture. New Relic has “improved the communication stream between the operations and development teams and there’s a significant change in our monitoring, alerting, and issue-resolution process,” concludes Harvey Shaw, digital service manager, technology, at News UK.

More important, for Sun and Times readers getting their news online, New Relic has helped News UK to deliver even better digital products. “It has driven our customer focus and the performance of our applications and websites to create a better online experience,” adds Harvey.

That’s big news for a company making headlines all day, every day.

For more on how New Relic helps this leading media company deliver the news, read all about it in the full News UK customer case study: News UK Embraces Agile Methodologies by Standardising with New Relic.



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