Check Out New Relic’s New Look!

I’m proud to announce the launch of New Relic’s new product visual design and navigation!

We’ve been working hard for months to create an updated product design that takes advantage of some of the latest (and we think best) trends in visual design, adds more consistency among our products (such as New Relic Insights), and emphasizes what’s most important: your software’s data.


In addition to the visual changes, we’ve also re-worked our navigation to accommodate our product suite and support your workflow. To achieve this, we needed to carefully balance which navigational items to surface and which to hide (depending on where you are), and most importantly, ensure everything is organized to match the mental model of how you use our products.

Here are some of the most notable changes:

  • A top horizontal navigation for alternating between high-level products like New Relic APM, New Relic Mobile, New Relic Insights, and so on.
  • When inside a “monitorable” (such as the APM overview of your Web application or the overview of your server), we’ve provided a single left-side vertical navigation strip for all areas relating to your app. This means no more hover dancing on tabs to see what sub-navigation items are available.
  • We’re using a new font (Gotham Narrow) that has great readability and aesthetics. It also fits well within the space constraints of our charts and widgets.
  • We’ve reduced the contrast of containers and site “chrome” to help maximize the visibility of charts and data.
  • Installed plugins are no longer surfaced at the highest level of navigation. We did this in order to contain the number of visible nav items, be more consistent with our information architecture, and make room for more features to come.

We think we’ve delivered a quality UI design that can be a pleasure to use and enhance the usability experience of our products. Just please excuse the fresh paint. If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, you can click here, use the feedback link right in the footer of the product UI, feel free to comment in our community forum, or work with our support team.

Finally, if you’re going to be at FutureStack14 this week, please stop by and visit the product design team in the Design Lab in the Festival Pavilion.'

As Director of UX Design at New Relic, Etan Lightstone oversees a team of talented designers, leads the user experience design strategy, and on occasion gets the opportunity to contribute to the product codebase. Etan has a special interest in data visualization and analysis, as well as surfing, guitar, and photography. View posts by .

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