New Ruby Agent Adds Capability to New Relic RPM

rubyWe just released a new version of our Ruby agent which includes significant enhancements, compatibility bug fixes, and lower overhead. It enhances the connection to the server by redirecting the agent to servers dedicated to the agent’s data partition.  Version 2.9 also has greater compatibility with JRuby and Ruby 1.9.1.  We encourage our Ruby and JRuby customers to upgrade to the new agent. Installation instructions and more detailed release notes can be found at the New Relic Status Blog.

Noteworthy Enhancements

  • Visibility to templates and partials in Rails 2.1 and later, in dev mode and production
  • Captures active record metrics in adapter log() call, resulting in lower overhead and improved visibility into different DB operations; only AR operations that are not hitting the query cache will be measured to avoid overhead
  • Improved API for system monitoring daemons (refer to our KB article); changed API for manual starting of the agent; refer to NewRelic::Agent.manual_start for details
  • Support for instances appearing in more than one application by allowing a semicolon separated list of names for the newrelic.yml app_name setting
  • Combined agent logfiles into a single logfile
  • Added newrelic_ignore_apdex method to controller classes to allow you to omit some actions from apdex statistics
  • Added hook for Passenger shutdown events to get more timely shutdown notices; this will help in more accurate memory readings in Passenger
  • Added newrelic_notice_error to Object class
  • Optional ability to verify SSL certificates; see the note in newrelic.yml on how to configure the setting as well as some caveats.

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