New RPM Agent Available 2.7.1

Available Immediately

We are pleased to announce that we have released an upgrade to RPM that you can use immediately. RPM Version 2.7.1 includes performance enhancements, several upgrades, and some bug fixes. ALL RPM customers are licensed to receive the upgrade. We recommend that you upgrade your RPM agent as soon as possible. The upgrade will require an application restart for all of your deployed agents so take that into consideration when you plan your upgrade.

The upgrade instructions can be found at: in the section “Updating to the Latest Agent.”

The highlights for 2.7.1 are:

  • Significant performance optimizations.
  • Show stack traces for long segments of transaction traces.
  • Support Postgres EXPLAIN in transaction traces.
  • Support for naming multiple Passenger applications on a single host.
  • Show more information about view exceptions.
  • Several bug fixes.

If you need support, use our GetSatisfaction forum.

At New Relic, we take Rails performance seriously. We also take customer support seriously. Hope you enjoy the new version.

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