New Relic's 4000th Customer Celebrates with his iPad

For the past week, all of us at New Relic would eagerly await the “All Accounts Report” which is a batch job we run each night to compile the most current list of customers and the hosts they have deployed. At about 2 AM Pacific time on Tuesday, Rohan Gupta of Sapient signed up and deployed our Java agent into his application. With that, Sapient became our 4,000th deployed customer. Sapient is a global consulting and professional services company that helps clients transform in the areas of business, marketing, and technology.

To celebrate, New Relic is sending Rohan a brand new Apple iPad®. He is on a development team in Gurgaon, India, near Delhi. His team is working on a Lucene Solr project for a Sapient client. Rohan says “I am working as a software developer with Sapient mainly working on online portal development. We are using Solr search engine on one of our projects and we wanted to monitor system health from India while the servers are placed at a remote location. We read about your tool in some blogs and it seems to be fitting in well to meet our requirements. We are currently using the free trial version to check the scalability of the tool and we might just subscribe for one of the packages after we are done with our initial analysis.”

How, you may ask, will Rohan be able to view RPM on his new iPad? Today you can see everything but RPM charts on iPad or iPhones (the dreaded Flash issue.) We are working on changes to RPM that will enable non-Flash charting. Here is a sneak peek.

Congratulations, Rohan Gupta of Sapient! And thanks to our other 3,999 customers.'

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