New Relic & Windows Azure Mobile Services: End-to-End Monitoring for Your Mobile Apps

Modern mobile architectures are becoming more and more complicated. Cross-platform support, connections to backend services, push notifications and calls to third party APIs are adding complexity and increasing the number of potential failure points to today’s breed of connected mobile apps.

Windows Azure Mobile Services
Microsoft’s newly announced Windows Azure Mobile Services aims to reverse that trend with a suite of mobile solutions designed to make developers’ lives easier. By delivering a flexible, reliable and scalable backend, Windows Azure Mobile Services allows you to build rich functionality into your mobile apps with a minimal amount of effort.

When we built our demo for the Microsoft Build conference this week, we were impressed by how easy it was to do things like create database connections and dynamically build schemas as we added functionality to the app. And adding push notifications and social network connections was just as easy. But even with a backend as robust as Azure’s, apps can still fall victim to slow networks, incorrectly coded API calls, inefficient database queries and overly large response payloads

Enter New Relic
New Relic for Mobile Apps, the New Relic Platform and New Relic APM make it easier than ever for you to get real time visibility into the performance of the mobile apps developed using Windows Azure services.

With New Relic for Mobile Apps, you’ll be alerted to any critical condition that can cause your apps to crash or grind to a halt. Use it to can monitor the performance of the connections between your app and Windows Azure Mobile Services and other third party APIs. This includes such metrics as:

* Response Time
* Throughput
* Data Transfer Size
* Error Rates
* Error Details
* Active Users
* CPU and Memory Usage
* Filter by Geography, Carrier, Device Type, and App Version

New Relic for iOS

As important as monitoring mobile apps is, it only gives you part of the picture. You also need to know what’s going on with the backend services they connect to. New Relic monitors a spectrum of Azure services to give you a true, end-to-end picture of app performance. The New Relic Platform contains plugins to monitor a host of technologies, including Azure SQL Databases and Microsoft SQL Server. And if your mobile app shares components with your web app, our .NET agent monitors your Azure Web Sites.

No matter what metrics you need, New Relic can help you get in-depth visibility into them. And best of all, your data will be displayed in a simple, yet powerful, unified interface so you can monitor your entire stack without having to bounce back and forth between different tools.

Get Started Today
We’re excited about the Microsoft’s announcement of Windows Azure Mobile Services and are pleased to partner with them to deliver comprehensive monitoring services to the platform.

Getting started with New Relic for Mobile Apps on Windows Azure is as easy as 1-2-3:

Getting started is easy!

Try it out! We think you’ll be pleased with what you find.

And don’t forget, as a Windows Azure customer, you get New Relic Standard free of charge! For more information, visit

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