Highlights From Our Silicon Valley User Group Meeting

On Tuesday, February 24, we held a New Relic User Group meeting in Palo Alto, Calif., our first ever in Silicon Valley. We had a great turnout for this event—nearly 60 New Relic users from a number of large companies joined us at Pivotal’s beautiful Palo Alto office, making this one of our biggest User Group events yet.

Deep dive into mobile

User Groups: A.J. ContantiniNew Relic mobile specialist A.J. Constantini kicked off the night as MC and our first speaker. A.J. led a live demo and hands-on workshop of New Relic Mobile that dived deep into topics like interaction traces, user profiles, errors, and network failures.

Because only a small percentage of the audience (about 10%–20%) was familiar with New Relic Mobile, A.J.’s informative workshop helped bring them up to speed on this key tool designed to help teams build high-performance, stable mobile applications.


A.J. Constantini presenting

A.J. Constantini leads the New Relic Mobile workshop.

How Intuit uses New Relic

User Groups: Kyle GuichardNext up, Kyle Guichard, senior manager of DemandForce service reliability engineering at Intuit, walked the crowd through how his company used New Relic to help bridge multiple AppOps teams in order to provide visibility across the company’s entire ecosystem of applications. Kyle emphasized custom attributes, key transactions, real user monitoring, and server monitoring as some of Intuit’s most used features. The company is now using an extensive suite our products, including New Relic APM, New Relic Servers, New Relic Browser, and New Relic Insights. Intuit is also a beta tester for New Relic Synthetics.

As an advanced New Relic user, Kyle was able to answer even technical questions from attendees. When asked about how New Relic Browser differs from Google Analytics, for example, Kyle explained that while Intuit also uses Google analytics, “It’s nowhere near as good as New Relic … you get almost the same information [with GA] but you don’t get all the performance details that New Relic Browser provides.”

Adding custom attributes to Insights

User Groups: Yogi PillayFinally, New Relic sales engineer Yogi Pillay gave a quick talk about using the New Relic Insights API to add Custom Attributes. Like the similar talk he gave at the San Francisco New Relic User Group, Yogi’s presentation was very well received. Custom attributes always seem to be a hot topic when people talk about New Relic Insights.

Our 2015 User Group circuit is off to great start—it’s only March and we’ve already hosted three events so far. And there’s much more to come! In the next few months we’re scheduled to host User Groups in cities like Atlanta, Boston, NYC, Toronto, London, Chicago, and more.

Interested in speaking at our next event or setting up a user group in your city? Drop us a note at community@newrelic.com!

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