By our metrics, the first New Relic User Group meeting in Toronto was a great success: we had a large turnout; there were four great speakers; New Relic users got to meet each other; and, at the end of the evening, some people were slow to leave (good beer and conversation)!

 The evening included presentations from both New Relic team members and New Relic users. Gil Rice, senior technical account manager (TAM) for New Relic, demonstrated some helpful but little-used features (stay tuned for a blog post on those later). Stevan Arychuk, senior product manager, explained the vision for New Relic products. He described the “awesomeness” that happens when you successfully overlap the broad vision of an ops professional with the deep insights of a developer—that’s where New Relic wants be.

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The stars of the evening were (as always) our users. Our two guest speakers were Phil Miller, manager of UI development at Indigo Books & Music, and Wasim Hossain, lead Web developer at TELUS. Phil spoke about how New Relic helps his company succeed by focusing on and sharing metrics. He explained how Indigo transitioned from a group of different tools to using New Relic APM as their main tool for measuring performance. Phil defined “performability” as a composite measure of performance and scalability, and said New Relic APM helped them with both. He stressed the importance of a good user experience for their business. Before using New Relic, Indigo had a set of tools that provided siloed and incomplete metrics. For his team, New Relic was easier to use, and Apdex provided a consistent metric that measures user satisfaction and is business-friendly.

Phil called Apdex “the One Metric to Rule Them All.” He mentioned the easy-to-read and easy-to-share New Relic graphs, because “What’s the point of great performance if you can’t share it with your boss?” In addition to performance, Indigo used New Relic for capacity planning to prepare for the 10x spike in traffic they get for the Christmas holidays. Now they are working on unification of alerts and considering an integration with PagerDuty.

How does your company measure success? Let us—and the rest of our community—know.

We’ve held New Relic user events in New York, San Francisco, London, Chicago and more, but this is our first foray into the Great White North. If you’re interested in having a New Relic User Group event in your area, send us an email at Additionally, if you have a venue space you’re willing to make available, please let us know! From there, we’ll work on setting up an awesome event with exceptional speakers.


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