“A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step,” said Lao Tzu. Similarly, we think that learning to make the most of New Relic APM (Application Performance Monitoring), New Relic Insights, New Relic Browser, and other New Relic offerings is a learning journey that begins with a single “ah ha” moment and builds from there.

To help you get started, we’re announcing a new way to begin your learning journey through the new and improved New Relic University (NRU) website.

What’s new at NRU?

new relic universityWe know it can be tough to carve out time to learn something new. First, the educational content you want has to be easily accessible. It also has to be available in flexible formats, and work on whatever device may be at hand. For maximum benefit, you want to be able to set your own pace and learn in your own way.

That’s why the New Relic University site now has self-guided video tutorials, arranged sequentially and organized by level of information. Designed to be easily consumable, these chunks of knowledge make it possible for you to journey through the learning process one step at a time—from understanding general concepts to practical applications.

You don’t need tons of time for these self-study courses. Typically, a course consists of four or five fairly short videos that can all be consumed in under hour. If you have even less time, they can be broken out into 5–10 minute study sessions.

Here’s a typical learning path:

  1. Start with the New Relic experience course.
  2. Then onward to APM, jump into Installing the APM Agent and select the languages that interest you.
  3. Next move to Introduction to APM to learn basic application monitoring and performance troubleshooting.
  4. Go deeper and farther with APM Advanced for advanced functionality.

No need to stop there, though. NRU offers courses for most New Relic products. For example, check out our introductions to New Relic Browser, New Relic Insights, New Relic Servers, and New Relic Mobile.

Searching for answers

Maybe you prefer to explore and discover the information that matters most to you. Or perhaps you need information on how to do one specific thing. NRU’s new search capability can lead you to the topics of your choosing, including Apdex, Insights NRQL queries, or improving mobile app performance, for example.

Learn from a real person

Sometimes, of course, there’s no substitute for learning directly from a human expert. So the NRU site also has information about upcoming instructor-led webcasts on a variety of important New Relic topics.

New users might want to register for the Get Started with New Relic APM webcast. It’s free. It’s foundational. It’s just 60 minutes long. And it includes time to chat your questions to the instructor and get real-time responses. Just one hour can put your New Relic journey on the fast track.

The NRU site will also carry news and noteworthy information about new content and upcoming special NRU events.

To take the first step on your New Relic journey, come learn with us at learn.newrelic.com.

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