New Relic supports management of apps deployed on GridGain’s Cloud Development Platform

GridGainToday we added leading platform provider GridGain to the long list of partners that we are working with to help organizations migrate their applications to the cloud. Specifically, we announced that New Relic RPM can manage apps deployed on GridGain’s leading Java-based Cloud Development Platform.

GridGain’s Cloud Development Platform enables developers to write any custom grid-enabled Java, Groovy or Scala application or grid enable an existing application and seamlessly deploy and run it on any managed infrastructure such as internal grids, external or hybrid clouds. This platform allows development teams to take full advantage of such concepts like MapReduce, data grids, affinity load balancing, zero deployment, and peer-to-peer class loading among many others. GridGain’s SPI architecture is ideally suited for hybrid cloud deployment, allowing teams to develop an entire application locally and then seamlessly deploy and run it on a virtualized cloud without any changes to business logic, the code or how it was developed.

RPM operates seamlessly in both cloud and dedicated server environments, making it a perfect solution for monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning applications deployed on GridGain’s Cloud Development Platform. Development and deployment teams using GridGain can now use RPM to gain comprehensive visibility into production application health and availability.

GridGain CEO Nikita Ivanov said today “GridGain is committed to delivering a powerful cloud development platform that is simple to use, affordable for projects of any size and focused on enterprise application development. Offering RPM’s deep, 24×7 visibility into production applications to our customers advances this philosophy because it’s an effective, easy-to-use solution for managing the performance of Java applications deployed in any managed infrastructure.”

GridGain customers, try RPM today!

GridGain customers can take advantage of RPM right away. Just sign up for RPM Lite, which is available free for an unlimited time, or choose from among our paid subscriptions. After the two-minute signup and implementation process, you’ll have access to a rich set of performance data for your production web application.'

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