We’ve Got Your Back: New Relic Supports Windows Azure Web Sites

New Relic is proud to announce our first class support and special pricing for Windows Azure Web Sites. Now you can get the same detailed insights into your web applications and websites that we provide for Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Web and Worker roles at a mind-blowingly low price.

In-Depth Metrics Whenever You Need Them
Unlike other solutions that display a bewildering array of charts and graphs that you need to figure out, New Relic curates and distills the many metrics we measure into an easy-to-understand UI. You’ll see exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it, in time to scale your Azure instances before they impact your customers.

New Relic is the best way to get in-depth insight into the performance of your Windows Azure Web Sites’ sandboxed environment. Unlike other solutions, our optimized .NET monitoring agent spins with your website and sends your metrics to New Relic where they can be viewed in a web browser. Simply click Manage in your Azure portal to view your sites’ performance – there’s no need to install anything else!

Share the Love
We love Azure Web Sites because it offers an easy way for developers to deploy their web applications. We know you’re busy and don’t have time to worry about things like the OS or other infrastructure. Just upload your app to Web Sites and Microsoft will take care of the rest!

And because we love Azure so much – and know you will, too – we’re giving Microsoft Azure customers New Relic Standard for free! (Yes, really!) You can even upgrade to New Relic Pro for as little $8 a month for shared Web Sites instances. Now on Azure, you can afford New Relic Pro whether you’re running a small site on a shared instance or a huge site serving thousands of simultaneous users.

Developing your app or site? Have low traffic? Get a free, shared Azure Web Sites instance. Then when people start beating a path to your proverbial web door, make a ‘small’ reserved instance with the click of a slider. More traffic heading your way? Move the slider to the left and scale up your instance even more. And when it’s time to scale out, spin up one or more instances and load balance between them.

We’ve Got Your Back
We take the same approach to monitoring your apps and sites that Microsoft does in deploying and scaling them – dead-on easy, with the smallest possible hassle and for the maximum benefit.

Once you deploy New Relic to your Azure Web Sites, we’ll let you know when your traffic justifies the need for a performance boost. That lets you know exactly when it’s time to adjust your sliders up and out. (See just how easy it was for Scott Hanselman!)

Try it Today
Setting up New Relic with Windows Azure Web Sites is simple. Watch this video to see how to get started:

And don’t forget, as an Azure customer you get New Relic Standard free of charge and special pricing when we you upgrade to New Relic Pro. Visit newrelic.com/azure for more information.

Check out what our customer Mural.ly has to say about our support for Azure Web Sites. And remember to tell us about your experiences in the comments below.


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