New Relic seeks Lisp hacker to build Arc agent for Hacker News

We love startups at New Relic. Many of our 9,000+ customers are startups. There’s nothing worse than a site that doesn’t respond on a big launch day, and we’ve been lucky enough to support thousands of startups on their most important days.

On any given day, there are thousands of newly minted entrepreneurs reading up on the art and craft of building new businesses. They get their news from the canonical source of all things startup: Hacker News.

Unfortunately, Hacker News has been known to be slow on occasion. When eBay is slow, they lose business. When Hacker News is slow, startups the world over lose hours of productivity as they wait for the bright orange pages to grace their Macbook Airs.

Apply Now: Lisp (Arc) Hacker Wanted

In order for us to help Hacker News improve the performance of their site, we’re going to build a Lisp agent so they can enjoy New Relic like every other startup around.

Job Requirements:

  • 25+ years of Lisp programming experience
  • 10+ years of Arc programming experience
  • Can scoff at object-oriented programming for at least 4 hours without a break
  • Special consideration given for winners of the Turing award
  • Special consideration given to people with the nickname “Uncle John”

Building an app not in Lisp?

Is your app built in something besides Lisp? If so, sign up today and get New Relic Gold free for a week. We currently support Ruby, PHP, Java and .NET. Lisp to follow as soon as we can!'

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