New Relic RPM will be in Engine Yard Solo

Engine YardA few weeks ago the team at Engine Yard announced Solo, their new offering which enables you to create a host on Amazon EC2 which uses the EY stack – used by some of the largest and most popular Rails apps out there. Solo is a great way to get the great EY Rails application stack plus all the benefits of deploying on the EC2 cloud.

This week, Engine Yard and New Relic agreed to include RPM Lite in Solo. Solo users will be able to create an RPM account automatically and get all the powerful monitoring and problem detection function of RPM in their EC2 app in minutes after deployment.

“New Relic and Engine Yard have a close partnership and this is further demonstration of that,” said Tom Mornini, founder and chief technology officer of Engine Yard. “Both companies share a mutual interest in helping customers deploying Rails in the cloud to achieve optimal performance and low cost of ownership.”

“We are pleased that Engine Yard will integrate RPM Lite into their Solo offering,” said Bill Lapcevic, vice president of business development for New Relic. “As more organizations rapidly deploy new capacity on cloud infrastructures like Amazon Web Services, they will need to monitor and manage those applications with the same ease and cost effectiveness. The RPM and Solo combination will allow them to do that.”

The integration will be available by the end of March, 2009. Read the full announcement.

To learn more about Solo click here.'

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