New Relic Introduces Usage Dashboard for Plugin Authors

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we launched New Relic Platform. We, the Platform team, have found it incredibly rewarding to watch the New Relic community increasingly use plugins to monitor their stacks and technologies more closely, and even write some of their own. Our goal was to write software that solves real problems for people and businesses. And it’s that goal that continues to keep us going.

Since Platform launched last June, we have built extensions to our plugin infrastructure that provide channels for users to give feedback to authors via reviews and ratings. But we realized that plugin authors need more than just written feedback to keep building and improving their plugins — what they really needed was user data. Authors asked for more details about the usage of their plugin, and we’ve taken this valuable input to improve the Platform experience even more.

Improve your feedback loop with the usage dashboard

We have built the New Relic Platform usage dashboard so that plugin authors will have details about how users are leveraging their plugins. Now, anyone who has created a plugin can see the reviews and ratings in one place, how many accounts are running their plugin, and how many components are reporting data. The usage dashboard is where authors can find all of a plugin’s usage data, and use that insight to enhance their plugin even further.


Where to find the usage dashboard

To access your usage dashboard, simply click on your plugin name on the left navigation. Anyone on the account can click on the ‘Usage’ button and be transported to the dashboard tailored with data specific to your plugin. Please be sure to let us know if you have any suggestions or other types of data you’d like to see.'

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