New Relic PHP Agent Now Supports Symfony 2

SymfonyWe’re proud to announce today that we now support Symfony 2 in the PHP Agent version 4.2! Symfony 2 has been earning a very strong reputation for itself amongst PHP developers around the world. Built by the very smart folks at Sensio Labs, Symfony 2 has helped PHP developers manage common functions using a very object-oriented, standards-based approach.

Symfony 2 has embraced a model for web development that allows for effective separation of concerns, while focusing very much on the request/response part of the HTTP spec. While it’s distributed as a full stack framework, Symfony can also be used in a decoupled fashion, so that individual bundles can be used in a standalone implementation — each is available as Composer and PEAR packages as well as through Github. What makes this decoupled distribution model really exciting is the traction that Sensio Labs has made in Symfony 2 adoption within much bigger communities such as Drupal. Drupal 8 is going to leverage a good portion of Symfony’s modules for multi-language handling, configuration management, caching, theming and more.

We’re thrilled to have our official Symfony support available today, and we hope to hear back from the Symfony developers out there about how they are using New Relic and how we’re doing providing insight into your Symfony-powered applications and frameworks.'

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