New Relic Performance Data API: Now Part of Our Standard Subscription

Don't you just love presents?Isn’t it fun getting new stuff? And it’s even better when you get that stuff without having to do anything, like wait in line for five days to get your hands on a new iPhone. As of today, if you are a New Relic Standard customer, you now have access to our Performance Data API! Boom — you got it and didn’t have to do anything. No waiting in line and upgrading necessary!

So what is this Performance Data API and why is it now available to New Relic Standard customers? Good questions indeed.

Let’s start with what it is. The Performance Data API allows you to retrieve the raw data that is behind all the beautiful charts, dashboards and tables you look at every day in the New Relic user interface. Once you’ve pulled the data you can do whatever you want with it. You can create a widget, combine the data with other relevant data, or just back it up to Amazon S3 in case you want to look at it in a few years. The sky is the limit!

Why are we making this available to New Relic Standard customers? Well, access to our API used to be available only to our Pro customers.  Frankly, we decided that the Performance Data API is pretty darn cool and we wanted more of our customers to have access to it. We’re a SaaS company so we can do things like this with ease. We like to increase the value of the New Relic service. Sometimes that’s introducing brand new features and sometimes that’s just moving features from our higher-priced subscriptions to our lower ones.

So, here’s to you Standard subscribers. You just got access to this great feature today. We hope you enjoy it and can’t wait to see how many more requests our API gets, starting …. NOW!

Learn more about New Relic’s Performance Data API by reading the documentation here and here.

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