New Relic Offers SSO Integration with Salesforce Identity


For those of us who monitor various apps, tools and social feeds, having a single sign-on (SSO) capability is a huge help when it comes to simplifying access to everything we need. Log in once, and boom—you’re set. No time wasted remembering passwords and re-entering login details.

That’s one of the main reasons why we released New Relic’s SSO integration feature to all our Pro customers and higher earlier this year. And it’s also why we’re psyched to announce that our SSO integration feature is now available with Salesforce Identity.

Salesforce Identity delivers “Facebook-like identity for the enterprise,” which means CIOs can give their end-users a single, social, trusted identity service to access and centrally manage every cloud app within Salesforce.

New Relic has been tested, validated and documented to integrate with Salesforce Identity, making it easier than ever for IT organizations to enable critical identity and access management features seamlessly and securely. Now you can:

  • Automatically enable single sign-on between Salesforce and New Relic
  • Integrate with existing directory systems, including those that are on-premise
  • Enhance log-in security, including two-factor authentication

So if you’re using the Salesforce Platform and New Relic, be sure to give the new feature a try. Configure SSO from Salesforce to New Relic today!

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